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Looking for a window treatment that protects a home in style? Plantation shutters can do that. They not only provide privacy, light control, and security to a room. Their luxurious and sophisticated vibe also increases a home’s curb appeal.

With a variety of designs to choose from, you can surely find one that appeals to you. Aside from suiting your design taste, it’s more important that they fit your window opening first. The wall recess’s depth from the window defines how you should mount your shutters. Deciding on a right mount is crucial because it would affect your window’s overall look and function. You can either do an inside or outside mount.

But what’s the difference? Here’s a guide on how to choose a mount for plantation shutters that would work best for your windows.

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Inside Mount Shutters: Installation and Benefits

An inside mount means the whole shutter sits within the boundaries of the window opening. Intended to fit perfectly inside a recess, a square opening and deep enough clearance are essential for an inside mount shutter installation.

To check for a square window opening, measure it diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. Imagine forming an X. You should be getting two measurements. The difference between them must be less than ½”. To get your window depth, measure from the glass to the outer edge of your wall or window trim. If there are any obstructions such as crank handles and locks, start your measurement from its front instead.

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Depending on the louver size, you should have at least the following depth clearances for an inside mount:

• 1 ¼” clearance for 2 ½” louvers
• 1 ¾” clearance for 3 ½” louvers
• 2 ¼” clearance for 4 ½” louvers

Being set within a window recess has its advantages. An inside mount gives you the following benefits:

• Clean and sleek appearance

With an inside mount, you have the option to push the shutters further inside the window opening or set them flush with the wall. You can also pull them a bit beyond the wall for some depth. All these options create a streamlined look for your windows.

• Additional savings

Since inside mount shutters are limited within the window opening, they are smaller in size compared to outside mount. This also means reduced costs and extra budget.

Outside Mount Shutters: Installation and Benefits

If you have a shallow window opening, doing an outside mount is your only option. An outside mount shutter is directly mounted on the wall, framing the window opening. Aside from the opening’s width and height, you need to add the shutter frame’s dimensions in your
measurements for you to get the right shutter size. An outside mount offers helpful features. These are what you’ll get from this type of mount:

• Effective solution for flaws

Since outside mount shutters surround the whole window opening, they cover any visible imperfections around it. Cracks, dents, and ugly trims can be hidden behind them. They’re also great for concealing noticeable non-perpendicular window openings.

• Unobstructed operation

If you have tilt-out windows, an outside mount is recommended. An inside mount can hinder you from effectively operating these windows’ typically large handles and locks. With an outside mount, you would have enough clearance for maneuvering these windows.

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Visually, there’s not much difference between an inside and outside mount. They both achieve the much-loved aesthetic of plantation shutters. As mentioned earlier, choosing the right mount for your shutters depends on your window opening’s depth clearance. With that said, accurate measurements are a must for a successful installation. When in doubt, contact plantation shutter experts from DFW Shutters to help you with measuring and choosing a mount suitable for your windows.

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